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geek ways to say i love you

6 Geeky Ways to Say I Love You on Valentine’s Day

Make this Valentine’s Day memorable for the special geek in your life by saying, “I Love You” in one of these wonderful geek languages.

I Love You in Dothraki: Anha zhilak yera  (Tweet This!)
I Love You in Elvish: Gi Melin (Tweet This!)
I Love You in Gallifreyan: [see photo]
I Love You in Huttese: Uma ji muna (Tweet This!)
I Love You in Klingon: qamuSHa’ (Tweet This!)
I Love You in Binary: (Tweet This!)

binary i love you

dothraki i love you

elvish i love you

gallifreyan i love you

huttese i love you

klingon i love you