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Sabotage (2014) – Review

Oh, Arnold… At least you didn’t say “I’m back” in this one.  “Get down,” however, had it’s day with at least 3 recitings of the classic Arnie line in Sabotage.  Sabotage started off as an enjoyable, dark, mystery movie with a lot of gory action, but at the end of the day it became gratuitous and fell flat due to poor writing and uneven performances.



  • Gritty and visceral action.

  • Arnold actually put in a decent performance.  Sure it’s hard to take an aging Austrian bodybuilder as a DEA legend seriously, but we’ve been buying that for years.

  • The mystery element was pretty suspenseful, until it just got silly.

  • Story in concept was interesting and cool.  Hey, it’s based on Agatha Christie.



  • People that I liked kept getting picked off.

  • The acting was pretty inconsistent from scene to scene.  One minute someone could be seriously overacting, and the next they were great.  It felt like two different people were playing each role.

  • People’s accents kept switching every scene… I’m looking at you Sam Worthington.

  • Felt like a third of the movie was missing.

  • The ending made sense, but was thoroughly unsatisfying.


2.5 Stars


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