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Review Dallas Buyer's Club

Review: Dallas Buyers Club

The next film I’ve checked off my list in my quest to see all Oscar nominated films before the Academy Awards on March 2nd is Dallas Buyers Club.

Dallas Buyers Club takes us back to the mid-1980’s to a time where AIDS and HIV had become commonly known terms. Though the virus itself  and how it is contracted was widely misunderstood.

The film is the story of Ron Woodruff. It is told as the rise of a homophobic southern good ole boy who after finding out he has full blown AIDS becomes a for-profit hero for people looking for drugs that doctors won’t prescribe and the FDA won’t approve. His Dallas Buyer’s Club is essentially a way for him to charge for monthly memberships in order to give away unapproved drugs for treating HIV and AIDS to his members.

Matthew McConaughey plays the hell out of the character Ron Woodruff. This really has been a great year for McConaughey to show what a truly tremendous actor he is.

When this film starts we see right away that Ron Woodruff is a disgusting guy. From sex addiction and drug use to homophobic slurs. He’s not very likeable. But the story takes him on a journey where you ultimately root for him to beat the government in order to approve more drug treatment options to patients.

Jared Leto returns from acting hiatus to simply wow us as Rayon, Ron Woodruff’s transgender business partner in their Buyer’s Club company.

The film also stars Jennifer Garner in a well played role as a doctor treating AIDS patients with the approved drug AZT, but struggling with her own internal battle when she questions the effectiveness and safety of the drug.

This story is all brought together with a gritty visual style and gorgeous cinematography under the direction of Jean-Marc Vallée.

Some of the shots in this film would make beautiful still photographs. The close camera work and shallow depth of field give a very intimate feel.

It was an emotional and sometimes disturbing biopic, but done in a way that makes Dallas Buyer’s Club one of the best movies of 2013.

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)