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The Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Costume Revealed

I first became a true fan of the BBC series Doctor Who after the Doctor’s regeneration that led to Matt Smith taking over the lead role.

So while my time as a Whovian might be relatively new, I’ve gone back and watched a lot of older episodes over the past few years to get caught up on all the adventures of my favorite time-lord that I had missed.

It’s no surprise then that the Doctor that got me hooked has been hard to replace. I’m hopeful that Peter Capaldi does a great job but I’m skeptical.

peter capaldi doctor who costumeThe new Doctor’s costume as revealed over at BBC News feels like a throwback to the Doctors of old.

That might be a nice touch and a good change of pace for the show…but I’ll wait until the premiere before I say one way or the other.

What do you think of the newest Doctor?