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A Far Better Use of This Song Than Twilight

Pretty sure this song was written about The Doctor and Rose… not Edward and Sammich… I mean Bella.


[Photos] New Scenes From The Walking Dead Season 4

Today new photos were released to Entertainment Weekly feature 7 new images for the upcoming season 4 of The Walking Dead. Read more…

She’s Out Zooey Deschaneling Zooey Deschanel

I dare you not to sing this every time you make an english muffin now.  <3 Cristin Milioti

game of thrones season 4 images

[Caption This] Game of Thrones Season 4 Image

Write your own caption for this photo in the comments below! Enjoy!

peter capaldi doctor who

The Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Costume Revealed

I first became a true fan of the BBC series Doctor Who after the Doctor’s regeneration that led to Matt Smith taking over the lead role. Read more…


Halo to become Steven Spielberg TV Show

So after all the talk of a Halo movie that ultimately fell through we might get a TV show that brings the Halo universe to life. Read more…