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lets be cops movie review

[Movie Review] Let’s Be Cops

Last night I went to the first screening in Cleveland of Let’s Be Cops. When I first saw the trailer for Let’s Be Cops I thought, “This is cool, I like Damon Wayans Jr. and Read more…


Sabotage (2014) – Review

Oh, Arnold… At least you didn’t say “I’m back” in this one. Read more…

non-stop review

[Review] Non-Stop: I’m not hijacking this plane!

Non-Stop is the latest action film that Liam Neeson has added  to his growing repertoire. The film, which costars Julianne Moore as a fellow passenger on this terrorized flight, is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra who previously directed Neeson in Unknown. Read more…

review pompeii 2014

[Review] Pompeii: The volcano put us out of our misery

At the heart of Pompeii is a film about gladiators, love, revenge and one angry volcano.

In theory it sounded like the perfect film to fill the sword and sandals void in my recent movie watching. Read more…


The Lego Movie – Review

After a ton of hype generated by a ridiculous number of positive reviews for The Lego Movie, I decided to go see it in theaters.  Read more…

Review Dallas Buyer's Club

Review: Dallas Buyers Club

The next film I’ve checked off my list in my quest to see all Oscar nominated films before the Academy Awards on March 2nd is Dallas Buyers Club.

Dallas Buyers Club takes us back to the mid-1980’s to a time where AIDS and HIV had become commonly known terms. Though the virus itself  and how it is contracted was widely misunderstood. Read more…


Review: Justice League: War

Not being familiar with much of The New 52 comic series, I could definitely tell that this movie was a little bit different from what we’ve come to expect from the past DC Animated Universe films that have come out over the past couple days. Those films have ranged from fantastic (Batman: Under the Red Hood) to way below average (Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam).  Coming off of one of their better films, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, I can honestly say Justice League: War was a little bit of a let down, it was merely an average animated film. Read more…

movie review Her

Review: Her

After seeing Her in theatres, I couldn’t help but want more. Spike Jonze’s take on our not so distant future revealed much about who we have become as a species and who we are at our core. Read more…

review the wolf wallstreet

Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

When I think about Martin Scorsese’s latest film “The Wolf of Wall Street” the word that comes to mind is: excessive.

Excessive Money. Excessive Drugs. Excessive Sex. Read more…