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#15 “The Episode where we take a look, it’s in a book”

Reading Rainbow gets funded, Google car, Internet on the moon, Mortal Kombat returns, Daredevil news, and much more.

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#14 “The Episode where we reveal our mutant powers”

X-Men News, Blizzard sues cheaters, Halo for Xbox One, Dawn of Justice, Obi Wan wants a movie, Google is really valuable and much more.

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#13 “The Episode where Wedge is bored with Star Wars”

UN Killer Robot Debate; Godzilla Always Wins; Sony Selling shares of Square Enix;  Daredevil on Netflix; Ben Affleck’s Batsuit and more this week on the Mach 5 Network Geek News Podcast.

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#12 “The Episode where Anti-Virus Died and Sci-Fi Took Over”

Star Wars VII News; Affordable exo-skeleton; Gotham trailer; Amazon Twitter Cart; Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and more.

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#11 “The Episode with pizza cake and a Peeps movie”

Tinkerbots; Pizza Cake; Game Boy is 25; Flash Gordon movie; OS X Beta testing; The evoMouse and more…
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#10 “The Episode where Bubba catches El Chupacabra”

Bruce Lee UFC; Battlestar Galactica Movie; Chewbacca is back; iWatch release rumors; blood powered batteries and more Read more…

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#9 “The Episode with Jacob’s TMNT Aneurysm”

Wil Wheaton is awesome; TMNT trailer; Harry Potter spinoff; Amazon Fire; FPS Laser Battle Jacket and much more…

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Podcast #8 “The episode with corn dogs and Klingon beer”

Top Secret Aircraft; 4-eyed fish discovered; Prometheus 2 release date; Judd Apatow and Pee-wee Herman; Apple/Comcast deal and more…

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Podcast #7 “The episode where the Earth almost got fried”

Sony Project Morpheus; Solar Storm; Star Wars Movie News; Lego Robot solves Rubiks Cube; Titanfall Impressions and more

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Podcast #6 “The episode where we get nuked at Blockbuster”

The web is 25 years old; Last of Us becomes a movie; Liam “James Bond” Neeson; Getting nuked at Blockbuster and much more… Read more…

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Podcast #5 “The episode with Liam Neeson in studio”

We’ve got a great show for you this week. You’ll hear Liam Neeson threaten Jason.

That’s worth it right there. Non-Stop Review, Batman Arkham Knight preview, Zack Snyder, Penny Dreadful, Battle Creek, Minecraft movie and more. Read more…

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Podcast #4 “The episode where we argue about cheesiness”

RIP Harold Ramis, Heroes Reborn, Marvel comes to Netflix, Jazzpunk, Pompeii, and more…